Hello, đź‘‹, my name is Sophia Brandt.

I’m a tax officer and polyglot programmer.


I volunteer as a Star Mentor and GitHub team member to the Zero to Mastery community where I help and support fledgling programmers.

When I was a stay-at-home mom, I started teaching myself to code - and I never looked back. đź’ś

I enjoy React.js, TypeScript, Go, Vim, Docker, mobile development with React Native, learning new programming languages, pen & paper role-playing games, and writing about it.

I’m interested in conflict resolution and trained as a mediator at Fernuniversität Hagen.


All my coding-related writing is available on https://www.rockyourcode.com.

You can find selected articles on Dev.to as well.


I gave a talk at the Softwerkskammer Ruhrgebiet about writing type-safe React applications with Reason. This talk stems from my experiences in learning ReasonML in public.

The repository and slides are available on GitHub.


Go Maybe List

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A full-stack Go web application build from scratch - without a web framework.

With this project I was able to learn more about writing production-ready Go services, dependency management and writing SQL queries.


Live Demo | Source Code

Go Maybe List

Next.js Ecommerce Shop

Ecommerce shop written in TypeScript/React.js, with Keystone.js as CMS

A full-stack Ecommerce application with incremental static site generation and server-side rendering.


Live Demo | Source Code

Nextjs Ecommerce

Nim URL Shortener

Shorten URLs - like bit.ly or TinyURL

A web application using Nim and Jester. Nim is a statically compiled systems programming language. The app was developed using Docker, Docker Compose, nginx and GitLab CI for continuous integration, testing, and deployment.

I enjoy applying new-found knowledge to practical projects. This URL shortener stemmed from my wish to solidify my programming skills with Nim.

Source Code

Nim URL Shortener

Reason Music Player

A browser-based music player written in ReasonReact

Reason is an alternative sytnax for OCaml and allows you to write expressive and 100% type safe code. The app shows how to manage state with the useContext hook.

I was interested in learning ReasonML in 2019. This web application showcases my journey in learning the language and tool-chain in public.

I’ve written a series of blog posts about how to create this app on dev.to:

Live Demo | Source Code

Reason Music Player